Who We Are

We’re simple, really.
Just people who came together to make it easier for you, the craft beer lover, to get the beer you love.

Our founders are some really big nerds. Not just beer nerds, but regular nerds too. Charlie Mulligan came from some serious number crunching working for the big guys at “The Bank” (aka Bank of America) and has had a love affair with craft beer since he could walk. Samantha August, on the other hand, is a technology queen, formerly leading and developing big time accounts at an ad/tech agency.

It’s no surprise that these two Charlotteans decided to put their expertise together to create a better way to help people to get beer. Drinking their way through hundreds of beers (yeah, it was tough job but someone had to do it, right?), they compiled tons of data on each one. The result was ‘The Beergorithm,’ which is 50% beer nerd encyclopedia and 50% Zuckerbergesque algorithmic genius. After several months of testing on friends and family (no animals), they unleashed the Beergorithm on the world in December 2014, and BREWPUBLIK was born.

We're a bunch of beer loving fools spread out across the country. See below to learn about who we are!

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