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It's simple, really.

See, Americans spend $100B a year on beer. Crazy right? Yet, the industry functions like it's stuck in the 50s. Even crazier.  We’re creating a world where brewers can know exactly who their likely customers are and place their product directly with them. We give consumers access to the best beer in the world while supporting the brewers making it.

In short, we’re on a mission to end the reign of dull, flavorless "beer" by helping you discover the quality, flavorful craft beer you should be drinking. And then we bring it right to you.

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…and thousands of individual home subscribers.

The Beergorithm

We built an Algorithm. and we call it the beergorithm.

50% beer nerd encyclopedia and 50% algorithmic genius, the Beergorithm contains over 3,500 beers from around the world which we’ve broken down into the specific characteristics that make them taste how they do. We use these data points to match your preferences to exciting beer from around the world that you’re sure to love and deliver these beers to your home, office or event!

"BREWPUBLIK changed the beer game for us. Having access to 3,500 craft brews, including many from the local SF area, has been a big win for our weekly 'Tappy Hours'!"
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