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Alcohol delivered to your office, curated to your office's tastes.
We keep your fridge and kegerator happy. Daily celebrations, happy hours, events…we do it all!

Let us make your life easier.

Bottles and Cans

Our bottles and cans service is great for offices of any size. We can provide your office with an endless variety of craft and domestic beer options that will appeal to everyone’s taste profile. 

- Curated to employee preferences / feedback
- Huge variety of craft and non-craft beer options
- Flat rate / easy invoicing and billing
- Packages are built to fit company size and budget
- Delivery and stocking of beer

Events and Happy hours

Imagine a happy hour with a drink that everyone likes. Just like with our keg and bottles / cans service, we'll select a variety of beer designed to please everyone.

- Huge variety of beer, cider, wine, and liquor
- Can also include non-alcoholic beverages
- We'll make sure your beer stays cold
- Need kegs for an event? We'll take care of that too.
- Bartending services as needed - we can mix cocktails!


Have an office kegerator? Managing kegs and a kegerator is no easy task. Kegs are heavy, and kegerator lines can get messy. We do all the heavy lifting for you, and will take care of kegerator maintenance while we're at it.

Not sure what to order? No problem. We use our Beergorithm to select kegs for the office that appeal to everyone’s taste. Selection, keg handling, installation... it’s all included. 

- Stocking as-needed... we check keg levels, deliver and install
- Flat rate / Easy invoicing and billing
- Line cleaning
- CO2 refills
- Kegerator maintenance
- Loading/unloading included
- Delivery cost included
- Curated to employee preferences / feedback

We also provide wine and liquor!

We bring alcohol to your office so you can focus on more important things. Like, drinking it.

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Our pricing is comparable with standard retail pricing that you'd find at any bottle shop or beverage super store.

We will build a custom plan for you and your office that fits both your alcohol needs and your budget. We will provide you with estimates that can include:

- 30-day trial
- Month-to-month pricing
- Three, six, and twelve month pre-paid discounts
- Special event pricing (office parties, corporate retreats, gifts, etc.)
- No contracts
- Discounts for referrals

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A member of our team will reach out within 24 business hours.
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